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Introduction to Digital Identifiers Workshop

An interactive workshop that will introduce ORCID and SciENcv as part of a broader trend of emerging digital identifiers that occur in grant seeking as well as in your scholarship. Presented by OSP & L&IT

Introduction to ORCID

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.

ORCID is a unique and persistent identifier for your scholarship and work to help track, share, and centralize your work in your unique profile. You can include your ORCID identifier on your Webpage, when you submit publications, apply for grants, and in any research workflow to ensure you get credit for your work. Used by many grant organizations and publishers, ORCID iDs are intended to cut down on similar name confusion, save you time (as an alternative to managing multiple author profiles, ORCID can link to and be populated from Researcher ID, Scopus Author profile, LinkedIn, etc.), and will stay with you throughout your career. 


Possible action Item: Create an ORCID ID or review/update your existing profile.