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Introduction to Digital Identifiers Workshop

An interactive workshop that will introduce ORCID and SciENcv as part of a broader trend of emerging digital identifiers that occur in grant seeking as well as in your scholarship. Presented by OSP & L&IT

How to:

Getting Started

From your My NCBI page, select "Click here to create a new CV" in the SciENcv box.

Add a document name, select the type of biosketch (you can create multiple so don't worry), choose a data source (this is where you can link your ORCID, NSF, or eRA Commons account if you haven't yet), and the privacy settings for this document.

If you have selected "External Source: ORICD"

Some information, including your educational and employment history will automatically be added to the biosketch. You can still edit or add more. 

Your publications may not have auto-populated but you can easily add them from your profile. For instance, on the "NSF" Biosketch you will be able to add your publications under "Products" these are not auto-populated in part because you are asked to identify products most related to the proposed project and other significant products. 

Screenshot of "Products section of NSF biosketch

By each category, you can select "[Select citations]" to open a selection tool. You will see multiple tabs including works saved to your NCBI bibliography and those that have been added to your ORCID account. Select the items you wish to display on the biosketch and click "[Save citations]"

If needed, you can click "Edit Authors" next to any citation to edit the citation directly. However, if you find a persistent errot, we recommend you edit the metadata directly in your ORCID profile in a separate tab and then select "Refresh the list from ORCID" in the citation selection tool.