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Introduction to Digital Identifiers Workshop

An interactive workshop that will introduce ORCID and SciENcv as part of a broader trend of emerging digital identifiers that occur in grant seeking as well as in your scholarship. Presented by OSP & L&IT

Creating your Account:

Create or link to your NCBI Account

SciENcv is part of NCBI, which requires a third-party sign-in for your account (if you have an NCBI password that has not yet been retired, you can log in with it and will be prompted to retire it).

Account creation & login options include:

  • eRA Commons (requires login)
  • Google Account
  • ORCiD
  • Microsoft Login
  • NIH Login

Once you log in through one of these third-party sites, you will have the option to link to an existing NCBI account or create a new one. 

On your "My NCBI" Homepage, you will see a box that says "SciENcv" on the bottom right of the two columns (You can also click "Customize my page" to select what tools to include or remove from your NCBI homepage"


If you prefer, you can also go to the SciENcv landing page to connect existing accounts.