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Introduction to Digital Identifiers Workshop

An interactive workshop that will introduce ORCID and SciENcv as part of a broader trend of emerging digital identifiers that occur in grant seeking as well as in your scholarship. Presented by OSP & L&IT

How to use your ORCID

Review and update your profile regularly once it is set up: Remember your ID and password (or use institutional login) and set aside a small amount of time every year or before major projects to ensure that your profile is up-to-date

Make your ORCID profile public: This maximizes the visibility of your research and options for integrating your ORCID account with other systems. You can still choose what pieces of information you'd like to keep private or only share with trusted institutions.

Add name variations to your ORCID profile: If you have published under other names, be sure this is reflected in your ORCID profile.

Use your ORCID ID: Provide your ID as prompted when submitting manuscripts and grant proposals. This will also make it easier to use auto-update features.

Link your ORCID ID: Link your ORCID to other services including SciENcv ResearcherID, and professional organizations.

Consider displaying your ORCID ID: You may want to include your ORCID on posters, webpages, email signature lines, blogs, and social media accounts--anyplace where you'd like to refer others to the body of your research.