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Disability Services and Accessibility


In general, the first floor is the busiest floor, and the floors get progressively more idle as you go up or down.

Low Traffic Areas

  • Third floor
  • First and second floor mezzanines
  • Lower level one map room
  • Lower level one individual study rooms
  • Lower level one Digital Video Editing Lab, GIS Underground, and Computer lab 12

Medium Traffic Areas

  • Lower level two

High Traffic Areas

  • Second floor
  • First floor


Individual Study Rooms

These are small stalls located on lower level one behind the B stacks. Each one locks and has a desk, a chair, an outlet, and a light switch. They have four walls and a door, but gaps at the top and bottom mean they are not completely secure or isolated from sound. These are designated as quiet spaces, and are available for semester-long reservation at the beginning of each semester. You may also use these to store library and work materials that you don't want to carry around with you. These are generally reserved very quickly, so availability will be limited after the beginning of the semester.

Please note that during the first week of each semester, only graduate students can borrow carrel keys. During the second week of classes, this opens up to include students working on an Honors Thesis. All others can borrow carrel keys beginning with the third week of the semester. If you are not a graduate student, you may still submit the form to reserve a carrel (linked below) at any time, but you will be put on a waitlist awaiting availability. 

Individual Study Areas

The desks in these areas have walls between each study station for privacy and focusing. These are designated as quiet areas.

  • Within the journal collection on the second floor
  • Lower level one, in the center and on the sides of the rear stacks
  • Lower level two, in the center

Group Study Areas

These areas have large tables and are not designated as quiet spaces.

  • The third floor tutoring lab
  • The entire first floor 

Group Study Rooms

These rooms, which may only be reserved by Bucknell students, are designed for private group work and can be closed off to allow for focusing. However, this does not mean that students can't reserve them for personal use if needed. All of our group study rooms have baskets of various de-stressing items, such as coloring books, stress balls, fidget spinners, and comfy lap blankets.

  • The second floor, lower level one, and lower level two all have group study rooms available for use and reservation.
  • All rooms have four rolling chairs, adjustable light levels, and whiteboards (markers and erasers can be borrowed at the Library Services Desk).
  • The rooms on the second floor have windows, air purifiers, and dimmable light switches.
  • The Warhol room on lower level one is the only room that has a TV screen for projecting (HDMI cords can be borrowed at the Library Services Desk).
  • Reserve rooms