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Disability Services and Accessibility

What is a "quiet area"?

Some areas of the library are designated quiet areas. This means that noise should be kept to a minimum, although you don’t have to be completely silent. Contrary to popular stereotypes, library staff do not patrol the area looking for people to shush, and there isn’t a big long list of rules you need to follow to be allowed in. Generally, students decide on their own how to interact with the space.

In these areas, eating and drinking is fine, although talking should be limited to speaking softly or whispering. If you need to take a phone call, you can move to a nearby hallway or unoccupied room in order to not disturb others. 

If you want to listen to music, videos, or lectures, please use headphones or mute your volume and turn on captions. Headphones can be borrowed at the circulation desk on the first floor by the entrance to the library. 

The two dedicated quiet areas in the library are the second floor and the study room on the third floor by the elevator. For more information on which areas of the library are generally quiet or noisy, please visit the Library Spaces tab on this guide.