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Disability Services and Accessibility

Welcome to Bertrand Library!

Welcome to Bertrand Library! We recognize that using the library can be an unfamiliar or stressful experience, so in this section of the guide we’ve detailed some of the common things you might encounter in the library and what you can expect from them. In doing so, we hope to be as transparent as possible so you can feel comfortable knowing what to expect while you’re here. Above all, the library is your space to work on group projects, study in a comforting environment, grab a bite to eat between classes, and relax amidst the hustle and bustle of college life.

Bertrand Library has five main floors and two mezzanine levels. In general, the first floor is the busiest, and the floors get quieter as you go up or down. Each floor has study areas, books, bathrooms, and both stair and elevator access. We’re also home to the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Student Learning Support Space on the third floor, and the Office of Civic Engagement on the first floor. For a detailed map of the library, please visit the Library Spaces tab on this guide. There are also floor plans of the library available at the circulation desk by the entrance of the library, and floor guides hanging on walls throughout the library. 

Brief Tour of the Library