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Disability Services and Accessibility

Map of the library

Click below to explore Bertrand Library and see where study areas, bathrooms, important resources, and more are located. You can also click on individual icons to see pictures of the area!

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Mobility problem areas

  • The main elevator sometimes misaligns slightly, leaving a gap between the elevator floor and the main floor, which can be problematic for wheels. This is not a constant issue, only something to be aware of. 


  • The only automatic doors in the library are at the main entrance. Additionally, many doors in the library are heavy fire doors. If you need items in areas you cannot access, please ask for help at the Library Services Desk on the first floor and a staff member will retrieve the items for you.


  • Some bathrooms have a lip under the door at the entrance that may be difficult to get over with wheels. For a list of accessible restrooms, please look at the restrooms page.


  • Many of our shelves are narrow and may be difficult to navigate with mobility devices. Many books are also placed on high or low shelves that may be difficult to reach. Each floor has multiple step stools for this reason. If you need assistance retrieving items in these areas, you can ask for help at the Library Services Desk on the first floor, and a staff member will retrieve the materials for you.


  • The microform and microfiche readers are behind the DVD collection on the first floor, which is a very narrow space. If you would like to look at materials on microform/fiche and are unable to maneuver in that space, please ask for help at the Library Services Desk and a staff member will put the materials into a file for you to view. This may take a few days. If you can, please bring the box containing the item with you, or tell the staff member what item you need so they can retrieve it.


  • The B stacks on lower level one have three steps at the entrance. If this is a problem, you can follow signage on that floor to access the area via ramp, or use the secondary elevator by the 24-hour space.


  • The lounge seating areas on lower level two have three steps to get up to them. If this is a problem, visit the "Seating Options" tab of this guide to find other, similar locations.