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Scholarly Communication: Funds

The Scholarly Communications committee provides Bucknell’s faculty scholars with customized information, education, and guidance as well as the technical resources and support services needed throughout all steps of the scholarly communications process.

Bucknell Funding opportunities

Bucknell Arts Council

High-Impact research grants are provided by the Arts Council to assist faculty to engage in short-term research-related activities.

Bucknell Humanities Center

The Bucknell University Humanities Center provides several fellowship and grant opportunities for both faculty and students who wish to study and work in the humanities. These opportunities are made possible through the generosity of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the President's Office.

Bucknell Institute for Public Policy

The Bucknell Institute for Public Policy (BIPP) is committed to supporting faculty development and scholarship. To advance these ends, the Institute offers grants to full-time faculty for scholarly research projects and curricular development.

Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Faculty grants and reimbursable funds are available to support scholarship related to the mission of the center.

Confounding Problems Grants

Confounding (or wicked) problems are large-scale problems that resist any simple solution — and that concern us as citizens as well as scholars. The expression has been used primarily in the sciences and social sciences to describe problems or issues that have multiple causes and no single answers, such as a quick technological fix or a central authority to solve them. Confounding Problems Grants assist faculty in developing curricula and pursuing research related to these problems.

Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship

Faculty funding for digital initiatives. Examples include Summer research grants, micro-grants, and technology and information literacy integration grants.

Office of the Provost Publication Subvention Grants

The Office of the Provost offers a program to support faculty publication costs. Within the parameters of available funds the program covers a range of publication costs, from those related to book illustrations, index production, translations, scientific journal page charges, Open Access publication, and others. An application form can be found on the Provost’s webpage under Faculty Resources —> Faculty Development Opportunities —> Additional Programs

In addition to information about the work supplied on the application form, faculty are instructed to upload the following:

  • A letter of endorsement from the Department Chair or senior colleague
  • A copy of the correspondence indicating that the work has been accepted for publication
  • A letter from the publisher documenting that a subvention of a specific amount is a required condition of publication if that is the case
  • A detailed budget.

Whenever possible, the Provost’s Office prefers to pay the publisher directly by invoice rather than reimburse individual faculty members for subvention-related costs. Once a request for subvention has been approved, the faculty author will be contacted to arrange for payment. 

The China Institute

The China Institute provides three types grants for faculty and students who plan to engage in China- / Chinese-related teaching and research activities. Grant proposals will be reviewed by the entire China Institute Steering Committee, and awards are competitive depending on the availability of funds.