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Scholarly Communication: How can I get started with ORICD?

The Scholarly Communications committee provides Bucknell’s faculty scholars with customized information, education, and guidance as well as the technical resources and support services needed throughout all steps of the scholarly communications process.



What is ORCID? informational video from ORCID on Vimeo.

The Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is a unique and consistent identifier for your scholarship work to help track and share your works, and connect them all  to your profile. You can include your ORCID identifier on your webpage, when you submit publications, when you apply for grants, and in any research you do to ensure you get credit for your work. 

Used by many grant organizations and publishers, ORCIDs are intended to cut down on similar name confusion, save you time (as an alternative to managing multiple author profiles, ORCID can link to and be populated from Researcher ID, Scopus Author profile, LinkedIn, etc.), and stay with you throughout your career. 

Consider using ORCID if:

  • Your name is similar to other researchers.
  • You use multiple forms of your name (e.g.: Taylor Eloise Stevens, TE Stevens, T Eloise Stevens), or your name has changed throughout your career.
  • Your name is sometimes written in a different order or in a different alphabet in your published works.
  • You have BOTH a Web of Science and Scopus ID (these can now both be centralized with an ORCID).
  • You frequently work with publishers, funders, or professional societies that recommend or require an ORCID (Wiley, The Royal Society, Nature, IEEE, and the Wellcome Trust) .
  • Or just if you want to!