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Scholarly Communication: How can I create a Google Scholar profiel?

The Scholarly Communications committee provides Bucknell’s faculty scholars with customized information, education, and guidance as well as the technical resources and support services needed throughout all steps of the scholarly communications process.


Your works are likely already indexed in Google Scholar, which makes it a great option for a public-facing central hub for your research. (and to make some of the data google scholar is collecting work for you) 

When a researcher finds your work in Google Scholar and you have a up-to-date profile, they will be able to click on your name and view your profile and other scholarly works you’ve written. This can potentially increase the discoverability and impact of your work through more views, downloads, and citations. 

Setting up your profile is a relatively quick process. 


 a screenshot of the Google Scholar homepage with an arrow pointing to the "My profile" button in the top left corner

From the Google Scholar homepage, when logged in to a Google account, click “My profile”. Because your Bucknell email is managed by the university, we recommend that you use a personal Google account if you have one. Using a personal Google account will ensure that you are able to fully manage your profile even if you lose access to your email.


 A screenshot of the Google Scholar profile tab


Fill out basic information for your profile. 

a screenshot of the Google Scholar profile "articles" tab, with articles Google thinks Eloise may have published

Google Scholar will take its best guess at what publications are yours. If you have a common name or have used alternate versions of your name, we recommend you search by titles. Use the checkboxes to select publications you have authored, then select go to the next page with the right-pointing arrow.


a screenshot of the Google Scholar profile "Settings" tab


Finally, you’ll select your preferences for notification and visibility settings. 


Your profile will include all of your publications, which can be organized by year or number of citations. Others can follow your profile to be notified every time you publish something new.