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Scholarly Communication: How can I find a book publisher for my work?

The Scholarly Communications committee provides Bucknell’s faculty scholars with customized information, education, and guidance as well as the technical resources and support services needed throughout all steps of the scholarly communications process.


Oftentimes the best supports for navigating academic book publishing are the connections you already have–colleagues in your department, research collaborators, your PhD advisor and other mentors. This is because the academic publication process is likely to be field-, sub-field-, topic-, and methodology-dependent!

Here are some additional resources when it’s time to send out a proposal:

  • Association of University Presses Subject Grid
  • Looking through your bookshelf and the works you anticipate will be helpful in turning your proposal into a manuscript will give you a list of ideas of publishers who are publishing high quality research on similar topics. 

Similar to publishing in journals, a growing number of publishers allow for self-archiving (Green Open access) for portions of books, including contributed chapters. If you choose, the broad accessibility and visibility of your work through open access can be a factor in your publication choices. Here is an example policy page from Cambridge University Press. Reach out if you’d like support in learning your publisher’s policy!