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Scholarly Communication: Open Access "Read and Publish" Agreements

The Scholarly Communications committee provides Bucknell’s faculty scholars with customized information, education, and guidance as well as the technical resources and support services needed throughout all steps of the scholarly communications process.

Bucknell Read & Publish Agreements

As of 2023, Bucknell has two "Read and Publish" agreements with publishers. One through PALCI with the American Chemical Society and one with The Company of Biologists.

These agreements mean that the cost of an institution's library subscription to these journal packages also covers the cost of institutional researchers publishing open access in these journals. This means your work can be published Gold Open Access at no additional cost to you.

To Publish OA through our ACS Agreement:

ACS Publications Open Science Header Image

1. Confirm that the corresponding author is associated with Bucknell or another institution with an active read & publish agreement. (If you are not the corresponding author, email us and we can reach out to ACS to make sure that this work is covered by the deal)

2. Once your article is accepted, you will receive an email to complete the Journal Publishing Agreement (JPA). Select “Yes, I wish to publish open access as per the agreement” and complete the JPA signing process.

3. Your open access funding request is automatically sent to the agreement administrator at manuscript acceptance; no further action is required from you.

FAQ: ACS Journal Publishing Agreement

More information, including video instructions

To Publish OA through our agreement with The Company of Biologists:

Header image for The Company of Biologists

Instructions for authors are available on the publisher's website.


Do you have questions about these agreements? Want to confirm that your work will be covered? Troubleshooting needs? Please reach out to us!

  • Dan Heuer, Assistant Director of Collection Strategies and Discovery
  • Eloise Stevens, Scholarly Communications Officer
  • Ally Wood, Librarian, Sciences and Engineering

What about...?

Bertrand Library is happy to investigate opportunities to enter into read and publish agreements to support and to be responsive to researcher needs and interests, though not all publishers offer these types of agreements, and some that do, do not offer them to all institutions. 

If you are interested in learning more about potential read and publish agreements with specific journals or publishers, please reach out to your subject librarian or scholarly communications officer, Eloise Stevens (